Let's build a hero together!

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Previous Poll results:

February 10th, 2015

Step 1 - The community chose, our Hero will be a Creature!

36%Creature with 2006 votes
35%Construct with 1918 votes
29%Humanoid with 1581 votes

February 13th, 2015

Step 2 - The community chose, our hero Creature will be a Demon!

17%Demon with 687 votes
15%Werebeast with 635 votes
15%Unicorn with 634 votes

February 17th, 2015

Step 3 - The community chose, our hero Demon will be a Fallen Angel!

35%Fallen Angel with 860 votes
17%Outworlder with 426 votes
13%Yōkai Oni with 314 votes

February 23rd, 2015

Step 4 - The community chose, our Fallen Angel will be a Female...

56%Female Fallen Angel with 1693 votes
43%Male Fallen Angel with 1312 votes

...that fights with both Ranged and Melee powers!!

61%Melee and ranged! with 1834 votes
20%From a distance! with 618 votes
19%Face to Face! with 559 votes

February 27th, 2015

Step 5 - The community chose, our Fallen Angel will combine her powers to quickly Vanquish her Enemies...

56%Vanquish her enemies with 1586 votes
43%Hold the Line with 717 votes
43%Control the Battlefield with 605 votes

...using a deadly Scythe...

52%Scythe with 1504 votes
19%Long Sword with 548 votes
18%Spear with 532 votes
11%Warhammer with 324 votes

...and powerful Chains of Judgement!

30%Chains of Judgement with 878 votes
26%Javelins of Light with 762 votes
22%Unholy Blasts with 634 votes
22%Metal Feathers with 634 votes

March 9th, 2015

Step 6 - The community chose, our hero will seek for redemption

41%Seek redemption with 1058 votes
31%Destroy evil with 802 votes
29%Crave for power with 748 votes

...and will not stop until all darkness is obliterated!!

50%All darkness is obliterated with 1308 votes
26%The realm of mortals is safe with 676 votes
24%She gets exactly what she wants with 624 votes

March 17th, 2015

Step 7 - The community chose, our hero has an attack named Reaper's Harvest...

57.1%Reaper's Harvest with 1321 votes
28.2%Verdict of Doom with 652 votes
14.7%Gaze of Judgement with 340 votes

...and a tactical skill named Soul Eater!!

48.7%Soul Eater with 1127 votes
26.7%Dark Miracle with 617 votes
20.1%Imprisonment with 466 votes

March 20th, 2015

Step 8 - The community chose, our hero has an area damage skill named Infernal Wheel...

40.2%Infernal Wheel with 935 votes
31.6%Chained Fate with 736 votes
26.1%Death Grasp with 607 votes

...and a pasive skill named Resurrection!!

40.5%Resurrection with 943 votes
37.5%Redemption with 872 votes
19.7%Defiance with 459 votes

March 27th, 2015

Step 9 - The community chose, our hero has a unique skill named Heavenly Chaos!

60.4%Heavenly Chaos with 1353 votes
23.3%Chained Punishment with 522 votes
16.3%Shared Fate with 366 votes